About Our Herd

Like others before us, we got goats to have fresh healthy milk and quickly became hooked.  Except for one outside doe, our herd stems from a single animal, an experimental LaMancha style doe Oak Cottage KI's Wildflower, or Wild.  Wild was a solid brood doe who sure knew how to put it in the pail, and she laid the foundation for our herd with her progeny achieving Breed Leader and Elite status as well as appraising EX91.  The herd continues to be a work in progress, but we wouldn't have it any other way. 

With that as our foundation, we strive to raise LaManchas with high production and good components, along with the dairy strength and depth of body to be able to sustain a long, level lactation.  We believe a dairy goat should be just that, an animal that produces well all season long.  In addition, we breed for width throughout, starting at the chest and carried through to the rump.  We look for them to score at least 30 in strength and 35 in rump width at maturity.  


And while still a fairly young herd, we are beginning to see positive signs in our breeding program.  We've had success at ADGA Nationals and in the competitive Pacific Northwest show circuit as well as solid appraisal scores.  And in recognition for the hard work our girls do each and every day by putting it in the pail, we've had several does on the Elite list.  And the herd is home to several ADGA Top Ten Breed Leaders in SG York Mtn. Eloquent Solitude and SG Tempo Beatrix (2017 and 2016), York Mtn. KM's Lily of Valley (2017 and 2015), SG York Mtn. Riversong (2017), York Mtn. Smoky Promise (2017), SG York Mtn. Rose (2014). 


We participate in ADGA's performance programs Dairy Herd Improvement Registry, Linear Appraisal, and ADGA Plus.