Herd Health

Since inception our herd has tested 100% CAE negative through BioTracking.  We draw blood once a year, usually at the same time that we confirm pregnancies.  We have never had CL, and there is no CL on the property.

The milking does have free access to dairy quality alfalfa, rotational pastures, and 2-3 lbs. whole grain mix fed according to their body condition.  Goat minerals and kelp meal are always available, and we copper bolus several times a year on an as-needed basis.


Our kids are happy, healthy and growthy.  We attend every birth, and the newborns are bottle fed their first colostrum until they are transitioned to a lambar sometime the following day.  While on the lambar kids are fed unpasteurized goat milk from our CAE-free does for 16 weeks.  They are provided the same alfalfa, goat minerals and kelp meal as the milkers.  The kids are penned according to age and have lots of human interaction every day and are very social, always happy to have the extra attention they are given.