Lily is a shy 6 year old with a lot of width and depth to her.  She's a taller, a bit more refined doe than was her dam, is long and level over the topline with nice length of neck.  While Lily has always had a mammary that is welded to her body wall, she has lacked in foreudder length.  However, the height and width of that rear udder combined with the strength of attachment has all come together for a V in mammary.  With a strength score of 32, a rump width of 35, we're happy with how this doe is maturing. 


While not the biggest milker in the herd at her peak, Lily has a long, level lactation curve and ends up with good total numbers, especially her butterfat and protein levels.  Unfortunately this year Lily freshened with a very bad case of mastitis which has affected her production, but we are working towards getting that cleared up and having many more productive years with this girl.


Pictured in a candid shot at the right as a 4 year old.  Her daughter Promise is the doe beside her.

York Mtn. KM's Lily of Valley 5*M

SS:  *B Shammy's Bad Media Frenzy

Sire:  *B Kastdemur's Monte

SD:  GCH Kastdemur's Survivor Tocantin 4*M EX92

York Mtn. KM's Lily of Valley 5*M VG88 VEEV

DS:  Thunder-Hills BH Tybalt

Dam:  Oak Cottage KI's Wildflower 4*M

DD:  GCH Oak Cottage K/B Medley 3*M


 candid shot at midday 6 year old

DOB: 3/15/12        


Color: blond

LA:  1-07 GP83 +VV+

        2-04 GP84 VVEA

        3-03 EX90 VEEV

        4-03 VG89 EEEV

        6-04 VG88 VEEV

ADGA genetics

DHIR:  1-00 289 1855 78 (4.2%) 64 (3.4%)

            1-11 305 3139 132 (4.2%) 109 (3.5%)

                    319 3240 137 (4.2%) 112 (3.5%)

            2-11 288 2760 110 (4.0%)  94 (3.4%)

            3-11 305 3575 178 (5.0%) 121 (3.4%)

            4-11 305 3272 160 (4.9%) 110 (3.4%)

Alpha S1 casein:  A/A

DNA typed

2017, 2015 ADGA Top Ten Breed Leader


Show placings:  

  • 2017 unshown

  • 2016 3x 4th

  • 2013 2x 5th

  • 2012 1x 4th


Progeny in the herd:

yearling milked out

candid shot 2 year old

candid shot 2 year old