Prose is a dairy kid but she shows the same strength of bone as her dam with the same width through the chest.  She's got a super high wide escutcheon with great teat placement and a beautiful rump.  She's not been shown yet because of her age and probably won't be until next year, but it will be fun to show her as a junior yearling in 2019.  We are excited to see how our two Tumult kids mature in the future.

York Mtn. Prose

SS: SG ++*B Winterwood's The Medicine Man

Sire: GCH ++*B One*Oak*Hill Medicine Tumult EX92

SD: SGCH One*Oak*Hill Harlequin Tullia 1*M EX90

York Mtn. Prose

DS: +B Kastdemur's Luna's Manny VG85 +VE

Dam: York Mtn. Smoky Promise 6*M EX91 EEEE

          2017 ADGA Top Ten Breed Leader

DD: York Mtn. KM's Lily of Valley 5*M VG88 VEEV

        2017, 2015 ADGA Top Ten Breed Leader

DOB:  4/5/18        Color:  chamoisee

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