Respect has grown into a beautiful 3 year old.  There was a reason she was named as she was, because even as a kid she had a certain something about her.  Her most recent LA highlights the fact that this is a structurally correct doe.  And despite a V in mammary she managed an EX90, which underscores why we think Res is special.  We'll AI her again to Zephyr and hope for a live doe kid this time around.

We're working on updated pictures but for now pictured right at 2 years old, 30 days fresh, unclipped with a bit of Pac-NW mud.  

SG York Mtn. Wildrose Respect 7*M

SS: SG ++*B Kastdemur's Tach Lach VG88 VEE *Elite*

Sire: +*B Kastdemur's Veni Vidi Vici

SD: GCH Kastdemur's Survivor Vanuatu 3*M EX93 EEEE

SG York Mtn. Wildrose Respect 7*M EX90 EEEV

DS: +B Kastdemur's Luna's Manny +VE

Dam: SG York Mtn. Eloquent Solitude 6*M VG89 V+EV 

          2017, 2016 ADGA Top Ten Breed Leader

DD: SG York Mtn. Rose 5*M VG86 VEE+ *Elite*

2014 ADGA Top Ten Breed Leader


candid shot: 2 year old rear udder

DOB:  3/11/15    Color:  Gold white belt and socks



        1-03 VG87 VV+V

         3-04 EX90 EEEV

ADGA genetics

DHIR:  1-01 267 1784 92 (5.2%) 64 (3.6%)

            2-00 305 3076 166 (5.4%) 108 (3.5%)

Alpha S1 casein A/A


DNA typed and Parentage Verified

Show placings:

  • 2018 unshown

  • 2017 2x 1st and 2x BU, 2x 2nd

  • 2016 unshown

  • 2015 1x 1st, 1x 4th

Progeny in the herd:

  • York Mtn. ZZ Wildrose Roux

   2017 Nationals 7th place junior kid 



yearling milked out

kid picture