We started with a red doe, who gave us a black doe and a gold doe. Ever since then the herd has migrated to exclusively cream, gold or some combination thereof, which does not go unnoticed by other breeders at shows :-)  In fact, we're so used to cream and gold that when this party colored kid came out, it was kinda neat. 

Roux is not simply flashy, though.  She stands naturally uphill and has perfect substance to her, looking quite similar to her dam as a kid, with the same very high, very wide escutcheon as well as a great rear leg set.

Roux is maturing into a very lovely dry yearling and is continuing to broaden and deepen as the summer has gone on.  She managed to catch our appraiser's eye as she stood at the feeder with the other does and garnered the comment "that's a very nice dry yearling you have there."  We look forward to seeing her fresh next year. 

Roux WA 2019.jpg

York Mtn. ZZ Wildrose Roux

2 year old, 1st fresh

SS: +*B SGCH Kastdemur's Landslide EX92

Sire: +B SG High-Tor Landslide Zigzag

SD: SGCH High-Tor Zagnut EX92 EEEE

York Mtn. ZZ Wildrose Roux 8*M VG88 VVEE (FF)

DS: +*B Kastdemur's Veni Vidi Vici

Dam: York Mtn. Wildrose Respect 7*M EX90 EEEV

DD: SG York Mtn. Eloquent Solitude 6*M VG89 V+EV 

       2017, 2016 ADGA Top Ten Breed Leader

DOB:  4/6/17        Color:  brown with white, white belt


Alpha S1 casein:  A/A


ADGA pedigree


Show placings: 

  • 2017 2017 Nationals 7th place junior kid

  • 2018 1x 1st and RGCH, 2x 3rd

  • 2019 3rd place 2 year old WA State Fair


kid picture


2 year old, 1st fresh

Roux RU WA 2019.jpg