We had an order for both doe kids out of Ginger, and to be honest we don't really enjoy raising June kids mainly because they aren't on the same schedule as all the rest and can have problems with summertime heat.  But the order fell through and we are sure happy it did.  These girls are the exception to the no-June kids rule, both being healthy as clams and super growthy.  In fact, they have been the most trouble-free kids of the year.  While Snap is smaller than her sister, like her momma she is oh so correct and just as level from hip to pins as they come.  Love love love the rumps on both these kids.  It will be fun to show these girls as junior yearlings.  

York Mtn. Ginger Snap

SS: +B Kastdemur's Luna's Manny VG85 +VE

Sire: *B York Mtn. Lute EX90 EEE

SD:  York Mtn. KM's Lily of Valley 5*M VG88 VEEV

2016, 2015 ADGA Top Ten Breed Leader

York Mtn. Ginger Snap

DS: *B Tempo Kindred EX90 EEV

Dam: York Mtn.  Ruse (FF) VG89 EEEV 

DD: York Mtn. Ruby 

DOB:  6/11/18    Color:  red

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