candid shot yearling

Solitude is developing nicely, and like her dam, she is a powerhouse of a doe with excellent dairy strength who still possesses flatness of bone. Granted, she doesn't have the mammary to make her a show goat, but she makes up for it by being the style and type of doe we really love.  It's all about the body with this one, and we'd take a whole herd of does just like her.  So, Solly's role is a brood doe, and despite being a solid, blue collar type of girl, she knows her job and performs it well as evidenced by having two EX90 daughters in the herd.  

One thing we admire is that like her dam and granddam before her, she has a broad chest and extension of brisket which is something that has been lost in a few of our other does.  At her last appraisal when our appraiser saw her the first thing out of his mouth was "great extension of brisket; you don't see that as much anymore."   We lost Solitude's dam way too soon, and we hope that we can make up for that loss by having this girl around making minnie-me's for many years to come.

Pictured right as a 3 year old, in between milkings, and very much in her "working clothes."  Below rear udder and candid shots.

SG York Mtn. Eloquent Solitude 6*M

SS: +*B Kastdemur's Veni Vidi Vici

Sire: +B Kastdemur's Luna's Manny

SD: Kastdemur's Aqua Luna 4*M VG87 VVVE (yearling)

SG York Mtn. Eloquent Solitude 6*M VG89 V+EV  

DS: CH *B South-Fork TS Toi Knight

Dam: SG York Mtn. Rose 5*M VG86 VEE+ *Elite*

ADGA Top Ten Breed Leader 2014

DD: Oak Cottage KI's Wildflower 4*M

DOB:  4/21/13        Color:  gold white markings


LA:  YSA V+Ec  V

        1-03 GP84 +VV+

        2-02 GP84 VE++

        3-02 VG88 VEEV

        4-03 VG89 V+EV

ADGA genetics

DHIR:  1-00 254 2289 115 (5.0%) 79 (3.5%)

            1-10 287 3360 151 (4.5%) 114 (3.4%)

            2-11 305 3207 150 (4.7%) 114 (3.6%)

            3-10 305 3546 172 (4.9%) 119 (3.4%)

Alpha S1 casein A/A


DNA typed and Parentage Verified

2017, 2016 ADGA Top Ten Breed Leader


Show placings:

  • 2018 unshown  

  • 2017 unshown

  • 2016 unshown

  • 2015 1x 5th

  • 2013 1x 2nd


Progeny in the herd:

  • SG York Mtn. Wildrose Respect 7*M EX90

  • SG York Mtn. Wildrose Tranquility 7*M EX90 *Elite*

  • York Mtn. Wildrose Rival

kid picture

RU 2 year old

Solitude RU 2.JPG

RU 5 year old

Solly feeder.jpg

candid shot 5 year old